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WinPenPackThese days tablets and other devices with limited on board storage are all the rage. They have plenty of room to store all the music or video in the world but no space to install bulky programs to handle PDFs or real audio managers like Audacity.

But when you have stuff that you access from the “cloud” you need to be able to handle the files in the format they are already in.

Well to the rescue again is my favorite source for ‘open source’ programs and tools: SourceForge. They have packed all the most needed programs into a portable drive (flash drive, pen drive, SD card, etc.) suite. But their description really covers it all:

“Briefly we can say that winPenPack is an Open Source project that deals with portable software, both natively portable and portabilized by means of X-Launcher, our portable program launcher. These apps can be grouped into suites or can be used also as standalone portable programs, adapting with end users preferences.
With winPenPack, any USB flash drive ceases to be a simple data storage device and becomes a self-contained environment, within which programs and files are homogeneously integrated.
Portable applications included in the winPenPack suites do not require any installation, do not leave their files or settings on the host computer, and can be easily transferred to another computer through any external device, such as a removable hard disk drive or a USB flash drive.
All you have to do is connect a USB flash drive to any free USB port on your host PC, and you will have your collection of pre-configured and ready-to-use programs instantly available.”

Another extremely useful tool from our friends at SourceForge.net. Here is the link for information
and downloading WinPenPack.

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